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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photo Thursday

So... the last two games. They happened. The great thing about baseball is that we have another game to look forward to. Today. 2:10. Chris Carpenter vs. Ubaldo Jimenez. It promises to be a pretty fantastic match-up!

On to the week in pictures (Sorry, no sadness here)!

Ang wants a Brockabrella. No really, she does.
Who can make it happen?!
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
The Baby Birds are coming BACK! Tyler Greene doesn't plan
on leaving anytime soon!
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
See? Even Matt Holliday is happy to see him back!
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
Now this? This is just an awesome picture.
Would you run on this face? Not a chance.
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
It's not every day a B-52 flies over before the game!
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
More Baby Birds! How about Jon Jay -
back in business in St. Louis!
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
Scott Rovak - US Presswire
We admire the hustle from Jason Motte, but...
The Canadian Press
Ho hum, another complete game for Adam.
We don't like - we LOVE these games!
Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images
'Oh! Look at it go!'
Best picture we've had yet? Probably!
Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

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